Kinosaki Onsen Hot Spring Town
Bathing Instructions

How to Take a public Bath

A small fee is necessary to enter each bath house. However, If one is staying at a local hotel or Ryokan, complimentary tickets may be available.

We recommend bringing your favorite soap and shampoo, a wash cloth and a towel to the bath. If you do not have any or all of the above, you may ask for these items at their Ryokan or hotel, or purchase them at any of the bath houses.

Bathing Procedure

The public hot springs all have separate bathing sections for males and females. One can change out of their clothes and leave their possessions and drying towel in the dressing room lockers. One should first cleanse and rinse off at the showers,making sure to have rinsed away all the soap and shampoo before entering the not spring bath.

* Please note: No bathing suits are worn in the baths.

About "Yumepa"

"Yumepa" is a digital ticket you can use anywhere in Kinosaki Onsen Town. This service started in 2011. The ticket, with a barcode, allows you to enjoy seven sotoyu facilities for unlimited times between 2 p.m. on the day of your arrival to 10 a.m. on the day of check-out.

English audio guidance service is available at the hot spring bath facilities and main tourist spots for those with Yumepa. Hold the ticket above terminals at the facilities, and audio guidance will start playing.

You can also use Yumepa for payment at Yumepa member stores, restaurants, and tourist facilities, including Kinosaki Bungeikan Museum (art and literature museum), and you will get various benefits.

You can also buy things on credit using Yumepa, so you will be free from figuring out your payment with change in Japanese Yen. You can pay for the total at your check-out.



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